01. I felt a little nervous when my boss [summoned] me to his office.
02. The villagers were [summoned] to appear before the Queen.
03. The army [summoned] reinforcements as the battle grew fiercer.
04. News correspondents in the region have been [summoned] to the Royal Palace to hear the King's reaction to the military coup.
05. The [summons] to appear as a witness in the murder case was delivered to the man's home.
06. There was a fight going on in the bar, and the police had to be [summoned].
07. The nurse quickly [summoned] the doctor to the patient's room.
08. Paul was [summoned] to appear in court after being stopped for drunk driving.
09. She received a [summons] and was to appear in court the following month.
10. He [summoned] all his courage and then went into his boss' office to demand a raise.
11. The young boy was [summoned] to the office by the principal.
12. Many books and films have sensationalized voodoo as black magic based on animal and human sacrifices to [summon] zombies and evil spirits.
13. The principal [summoned] the boys who broke the window to his office.
14. The evil wizard [summoned] the dead to come to his aid.
15. In Giotto's painting of 'The Last Judgment,' Christ's right hand [summons] the saved souls, while his left hand rejects those who are damned.
16. A Chinese proverb notes that with money one may command devils; without it, one cannot even [summon] a man.
17. John Dryden wrote, "All human things are subject to decay, and when fate [summons], monarchs must obey."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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